Supernova Ska Festival

Unity When We Need It Most

June 13, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez

It’s back! The Supernova International Ska Festival returns tonight in a digital showcase of some of the best bands in the Ska scene today.
Tonight starting at 6pm EST, dozens of international bands will be streamed on electronic devices around the world. The Ska scene’s foundation is unity between different races and cultures. For 2020, Supernova is focused on unity, with the additional need to bond after months of social distancing and self-quarantine.
With the festival happening online, bands that may not have been able to participate before can be included. For instance, from the Southern California Ska scene, Los Angeles heavy hitters Matamoska, The Delirians, and the Steady 45s. From the Orange County Ska scene, two powerful female-fronted bands, Bite Me Bambi and Half Past Two. Of course, what music festival would be complete without San Diego’s giants of Ska, Buck-O-Nine!
Some of the non-Southern California acts you should attempt to catch are Gainsville’s Less Than Jake, who as we know from the “Ska Against Racism” festival. Skamicon can also rock a festival and get a crowd going. Washington D.C.’s Pietasters should have people dancing in their living rooms with their classic ‘90s Ska sound. Boston’s Big D and the Kids Table and Doped Dollies will bring the best energy New England area can offer.
Personally, I am excited to see Shaggydog from Indonesia. They played SXSW in 2016 and it is unusual for a band from outside the North American or Europe Ska scenes have a chance to showcase their talents. I am also excited to See Monty Neysmith from the 1960s band Symarip. Neysmith is a pivotal figure in the Ska Skinhead scene.
As with most Ska events, there is a purpose. As mentioned earlier the foundation of Ska is unity. From that unity there is a chance to do additional good. Supernova is being used this year to raise money for “Alpha Institute in Jamaica.” Alpha is a school where students can learn music and trades that can help them establish skills to develop a career. Supernova’s goal this year is to donate at least $1,000 worth of musical equipment and a $5,500 scholarship for one student. Alpha is celebrating its 140th anniversary and I cannot think of a better gift for the iconic Kingston music institute than to help Supernova reach and surpass its goals.
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