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October 14, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
After several delays and postponements, System of a Down finally doing their lower West Coast tour. The “Chop Suey” band will hit Las Vegas, Fresno, Oakland, and Los Angeles – not once, but twice!
October 22nd and 23rd will bring all the headbangers out of the woodwork to see the impressive and politically-driven System of a Down play. Supporting acts Korn and Russian Circles will be joined for the two L.A. shows by Helmet when it descends on the Banc of California Stadium.
System of a Down originally launched this limited tour with Korn and Faith No More, but it was postponed due to COVID, plus Faith front-man Mike Patton had to pull out to focus on his mental health. Korn has been touring with Staind, but ran into hurdles themselves with the hiatus of bassist Fieldy, and front-man Jonathan Davis and guitarist Munky testing positive for COVID.
The last decade has had some back and forth for System of a Down, and earlier this year, front-man Serj Tankian released the EP “Elasticity” that included music he wrote for System, but the band chose not to record. System of a Down did release “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” last year to raise money for The Armenia Fund. The singles raised more than $600,000 and were the band’s first new songs in 14 years.

Tickets all vary in price depending on where you want to sit, but no matter where you do, the sound will be amazing. If you haven’t been to the Banc of California Stadium, it is a huge soccer stadium with multiple levels. A word to the wise from personal experience, the pit area is the only place with no seating, and the seats behind the pit area are on a flat level. This means your view may be hindered a bit, plus the bathroom is up a few flights of stairs, so be sure not to “break the seal” too early. On the plus side, shorter drink lines and merchandise lines!
Of course, since health restrictions are still new to some of us, check for required health info and purse size requirements. Also remember cash for parking, but most of all, have fun! System of a Down doesn’t play live that often, so enjoy it while you can!


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