June 16, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
Television Supervision sounds like something we all need for the boob tube, but that’s where singer and guitarist Brett Zitzelberg and bassist Zach Grant come in. These Floridians come to us from the thriving pop-punk scene of Orlando and are the next big thing to happen to music.
Whether they are dressed up like Eleven from “Stranger Things” or a scene from the famous “SpongeBob SquarePants” episode “Band Geeks,” they will blow your socks off with their innovative videos and visionary song writing.
Part of the pop-punk pie that makes Television Supervision unique is their ingenious synth sound. They add keyboard where most bands would add more guitar riffs, and an almost ‘80s feel to a modern punk sound. It is really extraordinary accomplishment to be able to bend a popular sound and make it their own while not sounding so far in left field it becomes unappealing.
Live, Television Supervision creates an energy like no other. Their fans come from all over Florida and further to see them perform. They engage the crowd and put on a performance that leaves you wanting more. They leave no stone unturned. Bassist Grant thoroughly enjoys in-performance guitar spins around the neck, even if they leave a road rash or carpet burn look on the jugular, but he says it’s all worth it.
Front-man Zitzelberg told us that he and Grant will be traveling to the UK to watch the Kerrang! Music Awards next week while rubbing elbows with some of the top dogs of the alternative music spectrum.
Zitzelberg will be on Laguna Beach’s own TNNRADIO on 104.7 KX FM Sunday, June 26th to talk about the exciting and surprising things they have coming in the near future, and – fingers crossed – their upcoming album. For now, you can hear them on all streaming platforms and find their kooky videos on YouTube.



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