The 3rd of JULY with THE VANDALS

The 3rd of July with

June 12, 2023 by Todd Markel
We Southern California Vandals fans are a lucky bunch; not only do we get the benefit of The Vandals being our own legendary local band, but we also get treated to the very special annual Christmas Formal. Occasionally we get a festive Independence Day celebration, and although it’s been five years since the last one, it’s time to break out the stars and stripes and sparklers.
Any excuse for a Vandals show is a great reason – they could hold a Groundhog’s Day show and it would sell out. Though its previous incarnation was called a “Patriotic Punk Rock Mess,” this year’s show will simply be called “Independence Eve with The Vandals” and it’s happening at the Glass House in Pomona on July 3rd.

Whenever The Vandals announce a show, inevitably one of the first questions asked is “Who’s drumming?”
The Vandals’ usual drummer is the extraordinary Josh Freese, but he’s usually a very busy and popular guy, regularly getting behind the drum throne for everybody from Devo, The Offspring, and Weezer to Danny Elfman and Sting.

Recently, Foo Fighters let it be known that their new touring drummer would be none other than our very own Josh Freese. So, for this show, we will be enjoying the very capable and extraordinary Brooks Wackerman.
Wackerman just happens to be the current drummer for the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold and was previously with punk stalwarts Bad Religion for over 14 years.

Opening this show will be the precocious and talented Caleb Santos playing songs on his ukulele. You might remember Santos opening The Vandals’ Christmas Formal last year with his rendition of “Oi to the World.” Along with Santos will be a new band called Wolves of Glendale. They are a comedy band made up of Ethan Edenburg, Eric Jackowitz, and Tom McGovern. 
They’ve gone viral with hilarious videos that combine comedy and parody with great musicianship and recently opened for David Cross and Tenacious D all in less than a year of forming.

Come hear Dave Quackenbush belt out the hits, as Joe Escalante lays down the beat, and Warren Fitzgerald will amaze you with his acrobatic antics.
It’s your chance to be a patriotic punk rocker. Dye your mohawk red, white and blue, and wave a little American flag while you mosh to “Anarchy Burger.” A Vandals show is always an epic good time!



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