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at KIA Forum

October 14, 2022 by Jimmy Alvarez
It’s been a minute since Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have played Los Angeles, but The Black Keys landed in LA and they took no prisoners!
PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
Hailing from Akron, Ohio, the band has such an eclectic taste in their own music and their side projects, but their bluesy rock infused sound has us hooked. The two-decade catalogue is filled with the kind of music that defines eras, and their fans couldn’t wait to see them at the Kia Forum.


Los Angeles, California

October 8, 2022

It was a very nice night by any standards in LA, so the crowd was already in a good mood. Opening the show was the three-piece from Colorado known as The Velveteers.
THE VELVETEERS LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
The Velveteers stand out with their dynamic lead guitarist and singer, Demi Demitro. This band features not one, but two drummers, and both were mesmerizing.
The upside was they were entertaining, from the moment Demitro launched herself on top of the drum kit, to the dueling drummers banging us into submission.
THE VELVETEERS LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
The downside, because they were openers, their set was abbreviated. The Velveteers opened eyes and ears, and despite the set being short, it was a very good way to start off the show and making way for the middle act, Band of Horses.
The Seattle-based rockers took the stage to the most appropriate song ever, “The First Song!” Immediately, front-man Ben Bridwell connected with the crowd. While many were singing along to their music, others were dancing throughout the Forum.
BAND of HORSES LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
The crowd got what they came for; wasting no time, Bridwell took them through the halls of coolness with fan favorites “Is There a Ghost,” “Laredo,” “Crutch,” “Warning Signs,” “Ode to LRC,” and closed out to their fans with “The Funeral.”
BAND of HORSES LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
As the capacity crowd got ready for the main event, you could feel the electricity in the air. After a short intermission for stage reconfiguration, the video boards lit up, and we were all entertained by comedian David Cross, who gave us all the reasons we should all hate The Black Keys. His delivery was beyond funny, and a perfect way to start the show. As the crowd got louder to defy the wishes of their archnemesis, David Cross.
As Auerbach, Carney and the rest of the Keys took the stage, they opened with a very energetic version of “I Got Mine.” Immediately, the crowd erupted, welcoming the band to the stage. You could tell the entire band was happy to be performing in front of the Forum concertgoers.
THE BLACK KEYS LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
Before we could catch our breath, Carney led us into that distinctively sonic journey that is their catalogue of larger-than-life songs with “Howlin’ For You.” They immediately segued into “Fever,” then “Tighten Up.”
Auerbach took the time between sets to give respect to the opening bands, and to thank the crowd for coming out as they dove into “Your Touch,” “It Ain’t Over,” and “Gold on The Ceiling.”
The crowd went nuts as soon as they went into that chorus. With the light show going on, it was as if the Forum floor came to life as the crowd seemed to be jumping up and down in unison.
THE BLACK KEYS LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
Then, they did a string of fantastic covers, “Goin’ Down South,” “Poor Boy Long Way From Home,” “Crawlin’ Kingsnake,” and “Have Love, Will Travel.” What was interesting to me, “Crawlin’ Kingsnake” is a John Lee Hooker cover, yet everyone, no matter their age, knew every word and sang along as if their life depended on it.
From the top to the bottom of the Forum, the crowd was animated, and mirrored how engaged The Black Keys were. The entire band sounded amazing, and their electricity was not limited to the music; they were engaged with the crowd!
Like the openers, they gave the crowd what they came for, songs from the music catalogue of life, with songs like “Wild Child,” and “She’s Long Gone.”
THE BLACK KEYS LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
As the band left the stage, the crowd went cartoon-like crazy screaming for them to return for an encore. Being the archnemesis of David Cross, the band eventually returned. Being near LAX, the crowd noise resembled a 747 coming in for landing. The Black Keys did not disappoint as they led off with “Little Black Submarines” before they got into the distinctive guitar riff to “Lonely Boy.” The band was electricity personified!
In the end, everyone was happy with the show, as fans were still feeling the energy as they left the Forum.


by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography



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