February 1, 2020 | By Chris Graue

I just can’t stop thinking about your peach in my mouth.” No better phrase has ever been used to start a story, but I can explain.
A couple of months back, I hopped in the van with SoCal punk darlings, The Bombpops, for a week of shows around the Western US. To kill a bit of time in the van, Jen Razavi went through her collection of screen shots of obscene DMs that she receives on Instagram on a regular basis.
Poli Van Dam chimed in “Oh yeah, or what about the guy who offered me $50 for pictures of my feet?” Of course, it’s no surprise that guys are gross on the internet, but I assumed there would be two or three of these standup gentlemen at the most. “No,” Neil Wayne let me know, “it’s like every day.
I don’t even check the band account anymore” Josh Lewis admitted. Once the floodgates were open, the DMs didn’t stop pouring out. Requests, compliments, pickup lines, accusations, and weird mixtures of lust and hate streamed from Jen and Poli’s phones with cataclysmic force. It was then that the idea was born to expose these creeps on the internet by reading their messages and showing their usernames.


The series is six episodes deep, but they’re far from out of content. Rather, it’s gone on hiatus as they prepare to release their second full length album on Fat Wreck Chords. “Death in Venice Beach” will be out March 35th, and its first single, “Notre Dame” is already available.

While it still shares notes of a familiar pop punk sound, DIVB will be the darkest release for the band to date. It’s full of moody themes, minor chords, and movie inspired imagery. Fans of David Lynch will recognize the Mulholland Drive tribute in the “Notre Dame” video.

Notre Dame

Another single and video will be coming in the next couple of weeks before the album drops, so be on the lookout for another cinematic take from the band in the near future. It’s almost done, and I can promise it’s worth a like/follow/subscribe.
The Bombpops are (left to right ) Neil Wayne (bass) | Poli Van Dam (guitar) | Jen Razavi (guitar) | Josh Lewis (drums)

Even for those who are mostly fans of their crusade against creeps, Jen and Poli promise that there will be much more to come. “We have to get working on new episodes right away,” Jen told me. “Since we put it on hold to make these music videos, it’s gotten so much worse.” “Or better,” Poli added.

If you want to be thoroughly entertained, check out the Bombpops at
The Bombpops | Death in Venice Beach
Out March 13, 2020

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