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The Hypnogogue Tour

January 25, 2023 by David Jackson
There is no debate that the ‘80s and a good number of the bands that came out of that era remain a benchmark in the evolution of music. So is the case for a number of bands that come from the land down under. One band that stands out and still doing it is The Church.

the church

In their heyday, The Church killed it with epic songs “Reptile” and “Metropolis.”

However, the song that made them a household name throughout the music world was “Under the Milky Way.”  
In a recent interview, lead singer Steve Kilbey said he considers himself very lucky and grateful to have his music regarded so highly and still played after all this time. The Australian band is back at it with new music and a tour.
They just released a single, “The Hypnogogue,” which will be from their forthcoming 26th album to be released February 24th.  

Kilbey went on to say that everyone in the band had a hand in this one, and from the early results, The Church may have something special brewing.

Today the band features a dynamic lineup. Kilbey remains the front-man (lead vocals) and guitar / bass, Ian Huang on guitar and backing vocals, Jeffrey Cain guitar and keys, Ashley Naylor on guitar, and Tim Powles on the skins.

The Church will support the new album with The Hypnogogue tour. Dates begin in Los Angeles and hit many of the usual stops such as San Francisco, NYC, Philly, Boston, Norfolk,  Carrboro, and TN’s cave venue. The SoCal gigs will land at The Belasco on March 11th, then they head south to play at The Belly Up Tavern on the 12th.



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