The Commissary Lounge


March 10, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
The Commissary Lounge concert venue that we knew and loved has officially closed its doors, or so we thought. 
Before COVID, this venue was known best as a dance club having a great open dance area and good acoustics for loud, booming music. Set in an industrial area where the only businesses open on a weekend night are bars, this also made parking slim pickings. If you knew this ahead of time, then you knew to show up to your event early.
The adverse impact COVID and COVID related laws and ordinances had on the world was devastating. For the live concert world, it closed venue after venue nationwide, actually it was a worldwide closure of the smallest and biggest places we would congregate to see our sonic heroes. These municipal requirements drew closures that for some were a death sentence and those places never re-opened.
When businesses were allowed to open up again and life could get back to somewhat of a normal state, the powers-that-be at The Commissary Lounge decided to try something different and hold rock shows.

COVID took its toll on many businesses, including concert venues, The Commissary Lounge was like the Little Engine That Could and tried their best with a great staff, fun drink offerings, and amazing bands. Voodoo Glow Skulls, Elvis Cortez, Chaser, Guttermouth, The Untouchables, and so many more graced that stage.

Even with these great names, that unfortunately wasn’t enough to keep the venue open. With new COVID variants, mask mandates, and on-going trepidation of one’s health, ticket sales have been plummeting left and right at all venues, including The Commissary Lounge. Low to no ticket sales means no moolah to pay bands, staff, electricity, rent, etc. As most of us know, rent in Orange County ain’t cheap so The Commissary Lounge had to say goodbye and shut the lights off for good.
Typically that’s where a story ends, but not this time. We love live music, and having a place to see our sonic heroes is one of the great joys of life. The last two years has been a blazing reminder that in this global crisis, everyone is affected in one way or another. We are sad to lose another OC concert venue, but as the music Gods would have it, COVID numbers began to improve and now we see light at the end of the COVID tunnel.


2968 Randolph Avenue, Unit 2
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Like the Phoenix, the Commissary Lounge rose from its own proverbial ashes and it has new ownership and its re-branded itself… and it’s working!
The venue is now COMMISSARY 2.0 and brought to us by Arena Nightlife Group, LLC. It is dubbed a hip fun club specializing in Hip-Hop music and party rock. The venue has been renovated and revitalized with kick-ass dj’s!
Sure we may not be able to see live bands the way we did, but it remains a place to see your friends, hear great music and dance your ass off.


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