November 16, 2020 by Rachael Contreras

We all know how tough 2020 has been everywhere USA. In addition to having to deal with a pandemic, we’ve all had to deal with its impact on our economy. Despite the setbacks, some of our local business leaders continue to lead by example. One of those leaders are a trailblazers in the radio broadcasting industry, and they’re right here in Orange County. Laguna Beach to be exact… the radio station is KX FM.  
From their first moments on the airwaves back in 2012, KX FM has provided us with some of the best radio programming on the planet. The station focuses on generational ALT Rock, but truthfully, it’s more than that. Industry insiders will tell you this station is slowly becoming a broadcasting juggernaut.
With one of the most dynamic on-air staffs and specialty programming, KX FM has created a home that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. It all starts with their anchors, they deliver a fantastic morning show with Ed (Steinfeld), middays with Tyler (Russell), and afternoons-drive time Alyssa (Hayek).

Their evenings and weekends are filled with great radio shows. There’s great talk radio programming like AWAKENING CODE RADIO, life advice from INNER JOURNEY with Greg Friedman, soul searching advice from ROCK to RECOVERY with Wes Geer, then there’s their award winning original music programs such as TNN RADIO and the COAST HIGHWAY SHUFFLE with Steve Reid.
What stands out most is that KXFM founder Tyler Russell continues to champion community involvement.
“It’s crucial for radio stations to be involved with their community, and Laguna being our home, we look to serve the community and put together the best radio we can.”

KX FM is a throwback to classic days of radio, when DJs actually picked their own music and listeners expected a human connection and community involvement from their local station.
Here’s the skinny, KX FM is a low fm station, and non-profit to boot. With all non-profits, the past year has been devastating for many in the radio broadcasting industry. With all the challenges that impact us all, stations like KX FM continue to put on some of the best radio programming in the industry and remain a place we can count on to be there for the moments we just need to hear a voice, or when we want to hear great music, or during a natural emergency.
That all being said, once a year KX FM puts on their fundraising event. This year it’ll be going on from November 18th through the 24th. You can tune in to guest hosts from the local community that will DJ their own live hour with their own handpicked music and content to raise money for KX FM. 

The KX FM Takeover is a friendly competition where the guest DJ’s will try to raise the most money to receive the coveted “Silver Tongue Award”.  Past winners include Larry Nokes, AWAKENING CODE RADIO and Cookie Lee.
Some of this year’s participants to look forward to include Mayor Bob Whalen, City Council Members Sue Kemph and Peter Blake, IMAX filmmaker Greg and Meghan MacGillvray, Firebrand Publisher Scott Sanchez, Chamber of Commerce President Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold, Attorney Larry Nokes, Planning Commissioner Jorg Dubin and more!
Laguna’s KX FM has been the only licensed FM radio station in Laguna Beach’s history.  It’s a  non-commercial radio station with hundreds of volunteer contributors that focus on the music, the listener and the community. 
The station gives a platform to musical artists who have pushed pushed out by corporate commercial radio.  It’s a place a place of independent views and thoroughly crafted music shows by professionals. Through their hard work they have proven that “bigger” is not always “better,” and “smaller” doesn’t translate to inferior. In today’s environment, KX FM has given OC something we can all be proud of.
ALL proceeds made during the fundraiser will go towards the general operating budget for the station.  When you pledge $65+, you can become a member of the radio station and help KX FM’s sustainability. 
Bottom line, KX FM is the kind of station every community should have. Luckily, Orange County can call this one its own.  
To find the full schedule of shows and to make a donation…

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