November 30, 2022 by Traci Turner
Alternative rockers The Lemonheads will visit the OC this weekend to perform “It’s a Shame About Ray” in its entirety. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the 1992 album was the band’s fifth, and the title track finally gave Evan Dando and crew recognition to the masses.

In addition to “It’s a Shame About Ray,” their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” also helped earn them a spot in ‘90s alternative music history (the song itself was added to the re-release of “It’s a Shame About Ray”). “Mrs. Robinson” has enjoyed surges in popularity over the years thanks to appearances in “Wayne’s World 2” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
Dando formed the band in Boston in 1986 and has remained the one constant member, but throughout the history of the band, members have included Ben Deily, Jesse Peretz, Juliana Hatfield, Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson (Descendents), Nic Dalton (Godstar), and Patrick “Murph” Murphy and George Berz (Dinosaur Jr.). Joining Dando on this tour is bassist Farley Glavin and drummer Mikey Jones.


December 2, 2022

HOUSE of BLUES, San Diego

December 1, 2022

The Lemonheads have been performing additional material on this tour as well – often doing 20-song or more sets – so you may hear other classics like “Big Gay Heart,” “It’s About Time,” “Into Your Arms,” in addition to Dando’s solo material and favorite cover songs.
Despite all the musical accomplishment, you know you made it when you get to play yourself on a successful TV sitcom. That is what Dando did in 2019 when he appeared in an episode of “The Goldbergs.”
About Dando’s cameo, producer Adam F. Goldberg said ““Evan Dando is the first cousin of my best friend Chad Kremp, who grew up across the street from me in Jenkintown.” Goldberg went on to say, “The entire Kremp family often appears on the show both in real life and as characters. They are like my second family. It was always crazy that Chad’s first cousin was a rock star which began in the late ’80s,” Goldberg added. “I have memories of watching Evan play at weddings or family gatherings, and for a kid like me from a tiny town, it was just mind blowing. I followed Evan’s career through the ’90s and went to many Lemonheads concerts in NYC. Since he was my best friend’s family, he always felt like my family in a weird way. Since The Goldbergs is a show about my childhood, naturally I wanted to bring Evan into it because he was there [with us in the ’80s].”
(Left: Real life Evan Dando – Right: Goldbergs Evan Dando)
In 2022, Dando is back on the road with his bandmates. You can catch them Friday night at The Observatory in Santa Ana, or if you are a little south of that, go for Thursday night in San Diego at the House of Blues.