The North Will Rise Again


January 6, 2021 by Nancy Evans

As a kid I remember my life was kinda like a John Hughes movie. Although in my version, I wasn’t part of the popular kids click… I didn’t hang with the jocks, the stoners, the geeks, the goths or the brainiacs.  
It seems like it was forever ago, but it was 1985. The world had evolved from disco and what we now consider classic rock eras to a new music scene that spoke to me.

Back then I didn’t try to be anyone else but me. I was more of a self-professed band dork. What I remember most were those incredible bands that got me through those rough teenage years and the trials and tribulations of being a young woman in college in 1989.

Admittedly, I loved being the kid who knew all the cool bands before anyone else did. That alone made me embrace my inner-geekdom that was paramount to my existence at the time, and has developed who I am today.  Not all of us were valley girls or prom queens, and I have always accepted that about me. In fact, my go-to bands from way back then reinforced the fact that it was OK to be different or to just be you.
It was the late ’80s and by virtue of the new electronic medium and MTV, I became a byproduct of the bands I loved. Bands like The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, English Beat, Pixies, etc., etc ., you get the picture.  

Regardless of all the self-inflicted drama teens put on themselves, certain songs have always guided young adults. For me, it was the late ’80s when I fell in love with the sights, sounds and lyrics of a band from Liverpool called The Lightning Seeds. The band is led by Ian Broudie. His lyrics were nothing short of inspiring and pied piper-esque. His words taught me to NEVER sell the dreams I should be keeping.

As life moved on, life became less “Pretty in Pink” and more “Reality Bites.”
Nevertheless, Lightning Seeds songs like “Pure,” “All I Want” and “Life of Riley,” have always made me smile.  

When I heard that Mr. Broudie is not just alive and well, but he is also doing a LIVESTREAM micro festival, my now adult  inner-music guide said “STOP THE PRESSES!”
I need to pay homage to this great artist.  So listen up, if you love smart angelic sounding music, you need to check out The Lightning Seeds.
The event is dubbed as “The North Will Rise Again” livestream. It takes place Saturday, January 30th and it will be broadcast from The Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool.
Also noteworthy, proceeds from “The North Will Rise Again” micro festival will go to charities Liverpool Music House and The Music Venue’s Trust #saveourvenues campaign whilst also providing work for independent venues, production staff and film crews that have been hit hard during the pandemic.

Also worth mention, you can catch The Charlatans the very next day from Manchester Gorilla.

Seriously, if you want to catch a great show that will completely entertain you, check out The Lightning Seeds and the Charlatans.



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