November 17, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
It isn’t often that a band will come along that not only brings a smile to your face and tickles your funny bone, but also makes you gasp and say to yourself, “Oh no, they did not just say that!” We know of a band just like that for you: The Maxies!
The Maxies shtick is that they hail from Greenland by way of Riverside, California. Over the years they have developed a very loyal legion of fans stemming from coast-to-coast and around the world.

To best honor their homeland, The Maxies wear quasi-uniforms (complete with masks and shrouds) and they have the accents to prove it. They are so beloved, the Naalakkersuisut Government of Greenland named The Maxies as one of the “Top 10 bands from the Motherland.”
In those early days, the band was influenced by great punk bands of the era such as The Clash, The Jam, Paul Collins Beat and ska legends The Specials, Operation Ivy and Wham!
Back in the day before they settled with the name “The Maxies,” the guys were impressed with the teenage sensations that were all the rage, Menudo. They decided to go with “Haggis.” For some unknown reasons the name didn’t quite take off as their Puerto Rican Rico Suave counterparts did… so the legend of The Maxies was born.
MAXIUMUM MAXIE at The House of Blues, Anaheim | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
Known by the residents of Nuuk, Greenland as “the Danish Boys II Men,” featuring “Maximum Tony Manero of Nord,” this band has never forgotten their humble beginnings. Despite an identity mix-up with Interpol back in 2010 that has since been cleared up, the guys remain humble with a great sense of humor. They laugh it off when fans yell out at their shows “Interpol’s Most Wanted!”
The reality of simply being in the The Maxies has brought them fame and fortune. A byproduct of their “Bad-Boy Punk Band” image even earned them an invitation to play at Eurovision. Due to scheduling issues (like they were never going to attend), that appearance never took place.
The Maxies have stayed true to their music. With their work ethic in tow, they just wanted to play kick-ass punk rock shows out of their garage for the locals. That alone made them local legends. The band developed their signature sound that is an electrifying high-velocity Ramones-esque power-punk skanic adventure.
Circling back to their “origin” story, one of their early versions of “Baby I Love You,” was leaked out when a cassette tape capturing one of their garage gigs was found in a mens room in Nuuk. Somehow, that song made its way to a pirate radio show, and boom!… The Maxies found an audience.
As the band made it across the pond, it’s been said that The Maxies are so pretty that they don’t want to make Americans feel bad, so they cover their gorgeous faces in masks to ease the minds of those that might feel inferior at the sight of their beauty.
Front-man Maximum Maxie’s grandmother was kind enough to hand sew their original masks, which they still wear today, but now with the added coverage (again, their beauty must be hidden).
THE MAXIES at The Observatory OC | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography
Greenlandic life influences their songwriting, like their uber-hit “Clubbin’” – which isn’t as much about dance clubs as it is about clubbing baby seals (which they say is sponsored by Pita… the bread company). Or their super-fun song, “The Clap.” When we mentioned this being one of our favorites, Maximum Maxie was excited to inform us, “Looks like we gave it to you then!” Something we are happy to catch from such extreme creativity.
Since writing songs can be a daunting task, we asked Maximum Maxie about writing with an obvious theme and how they maneuver through this, being more difficult to make a simple subject matter artistic and fun. He told us, “It’s a group effort, but since we are geniuses, it’s pretty simple for us to write our songs.”
Bi-Polar Bear Tom (a drunk polar bear that gets on stage and dances with The Maxies) is like their mascot and has been known to secretly be Aaron Barrett from Reel Big Fish. Truth is, their have been some notable mascots dawning the Polar Bear outfit, but Maximum doesn’t kiss and tell.

In one great moment a few years back, The Maxies received a phone call from “The Real World” on MTV. They asked if one of their cast members could be Bi-Polar Bear Tom during one of their shows in San Diego. Maximum Maxie chose the best cast member he could find and the show was a hit! Fingers crossed for more secret Bi-Polar Bear Tom appearances!
The Maxies believe their fans should go-go and dance at their shows. Maximum told us – while laughing through his thick accent – “It’s more punk rock to not pit at our shows. Isn’t that what it’s about? Going against the norm. You could probably go to a Britney Spears concert and see a pit.”
Maximum also told us that “Happy Birthday, You’re a Dick” is one of their favorites to play because they like to pull birthday boys and girls out of the crowd and serenade them.
The lyrics include a lot more profanity than we are willing to share here, but trust us, it’s a really fun song and you’d never guess calling someone a dick on their birthday could have such a humorous and delightful feel!
What are some other songs their fans scream for at their shows? They want to hear “Racist Grandpa,” “Sandy,” “Ann Marie,” “My Girl is a Lesbian,” “Heart Attack,” “Greenland is Melting,” “Ain’t No Fun” and “Girl with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses.”
Now that The Maxies and polar bears are allowed back in the states, you can catch them as they play with Lagwagon and Red City Radio on November 26th (the day after Thanksgiving) at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

The Maxies are like no band you have ever seen. They play great music that can peel off your skin and Maximum is funny. No joke, they are more like the Icelandic Manic Hispanic!


The Maxies have been referred to as the “Anti-Aquabats,” which sets the bar pretty freaking high, so you know they are going to blow you away and keep you entertained.
Doors are at 7, the band goes on at 8, so don’t be late. Seriously, if you want to see a band that can make you mosh and laugh, this is the band for you.




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