Viva la Return

April 26, 2023 by Holly Jones

There are the bands that we have missed, and there are the bands that define the punk rock experience. A band that fulfills both of those classifications is headed back to Orange County. Originating from Ipswich, Suffolk, England – all hail The Adicts!
At a time when The Clash, Sex Pistols and The Damned reigned supreme, The Adicts ushered in a punk era that featured its own orbit of fans (The Droog Army), a Clockwork-esque style and a hypersonic sound that stood out. They are quite possibly one of the most entertaining punk bands on the planet, The Adicts return to the Observatory in Santa Ana on July 22nd.

Before life went sideways, the band was enjoying success with their release, “And It Was So.” Ask any of their fans and they will say the music is great, but another reason they are so beloved is that The Adicts remain true to their roots. For decades, they have never tried to be anything other than themselves. With raw power, an electric sound, and a charismatic lead singer, The Adicts keep The Droog Army engaged from beginning to end.

The core band started their journey in 1975, but it wasn’t until 1981 that they put out their first full length album, “Song of Praise.” Since then, they credit much of their success to the Droogs who love the band’s intense, original music.
Their sonic footprint has over-the-top delivery from front-man Monkey. Trust me; until you see Monkey perform, you haven’t seen the amoeba-like punk rock delivery that only The Adicts provide. On lead guitar is Pete Dee, his brother Kid Dee is on drums, on bass is Kiki Kabel, and also on guitar is Highko Strom. This band personifies being the traditional anti-traditionalist; their loud and in-your-face sound is inspiring and alluring.

Back when I was a much younger woman, I loved the energy songs like “Get Adicted,” “Joker in the Pack,” “Spank Me Baby,” “Reaky Deaky Boys,” “Bad Boy,” “I’m Not Scared of You,” and “Viva la Revolution” gave me. They were more of an anthem to those of us looking for more meaning through our music.
The Adicts answered all those questions for us. Add “And It Was So!” to the mix and a punk rock dance party will take place. The Adicts is the best sober fun you can have at a punk show. If you have a drink or two or three, it is an over-the-top kaleidoscope of colors that personifies kick-ass music.

If you’re looking to see what punk is about – really about – check out the punk explosion coming to the Observatory on July 22nd. Other shows just added, catch this epic band July 20th at The Observatory North Park, and at The Belasco in Los Angeles on July 21st. Wait till you get a look at them; you’ll want to be a Droog for life!
The Observatory show will also feature The Garden, JPEGMAFIA, 45Grave, and Alice Glass. Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 28th at 10 a.m. local time.