JANUARY 30, 2020 | By Greg Friedman
You may be asking yourself what does an article on Spirit and personal growth have to do with music?  Music is Spirit, music is the ultimate muse of our life, the thing that propels us further into every landscape.  It facilitates our inner journey and enhances our adventures into the wild terrain of this weird and wonderful world.  It’s the thing that begins where words end.  It’s that strange intangible that resonates with every individual differently.

Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest
Our own unique relationship with music supports our own relationships with everyone and everything else. Simple events like driving down the road or watching a movie are made dramatically better with the presence of music.  Music can be accredited with preventing suicides and creating life. Music holds people in comfort when they are at their lowest and it has been a part of practically every romantic, sensual or sexual encounter from the beginning of time. 
Einstein said that “everything is energy and it is up to us to match the frequency of the reality we want and we cannot help but get that reality.” He goes on to affirm that this is not a philosophy but instead physics.  What is music aside from frequency in form? Even Einstein is saying choose you music, choose your life. We each have the ability and the responsibility to create our own realities and music is offering itself up to us in order accelerate the process and to help us navigate the path more enjoyably and with less friction.

Spiritual High by Moodswings (feat. Chrissie Hynde)
Hunter S. Thompson looks at music not as inspiration but instead as fuel. He’s said, “Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of fuel. I have always needed it. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.” The magic of music, can propel us further with less than we ever dreamt possible.  It can lift us higher and help us believe in the impossible right up until that moment when we transform it from the impossible to the possible right into the reality of our lives.
The magic of music can help us transform pain into pleasure and an ordinary person into a superhero. It can help us recognize ourselves and one another. It can be the glue that holds an individual or a tribe together even when all else gives up and falls away music holds steadfast. It is that incredibly rare and special gift that gives to each of us in just the way we need.

Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) by Enya
When an indigenous elder leads you on a vision quest, the ultimate intention is for each of us to find our own song.  Ultimately, our most vital quest is to find our song and then to sing it as loudly or quietly, on or off key as we like and then we discover magic and like music, magic is everywhere. We are never alone. We are all accompanied by a soundtrack throughout our lives and we have the ability to change the song as we change and grow.

Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen by Baz Luhrman

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