November 17, 2020 by Josh Coutts

In our ongoing series titled SKAROUND The WORLD, I’m going to dive in and talk about a band called The Step Daughters.
We know 2020 put a halt to what could’ve been a breakout years for many bands. The zombie apocalypse we’re living through has left stages empty worldwide. Regardless of these setbacks, some bands have still managed to standout, this band is one of them.
They’re absolutely one of the coolest up and coming ska-punk bands on the scene right now. I spoke with bassist, Eric Vedder to give some deep rooted insight about them.
I asked Eric to outline their sonic vision. He said they have such a fusion of influences that make their sound. To best get it, you need to mix old punk bands like The Ramones, The Dammed, Clash, early Rancid, Operation Ivy, and fused it with The Specials, English Beat, Bad Manners, Selecter, early No Doubt and even some early Save Ferris… that’s what this band brings. Energy and kick-ass attitude is what makes up all the killer jams!

Collectively, the band is electric. It consists of Erin Smith-Norrick (vocal actor, studio writer, solo performer), Eric Vedder (bass), Jeremy Sandoval (guitar), Timothy Calacsan (keys),  Trip Kevin Erney (drums), and Colin Darby (sax).

Photo by John Gilhooley
The band was started by Eric Vedder and Jeremy Sandoval. The two met because they saw each other frequently playing at the Punk Rock Picnic Festivals. Vedder says, “He was cool. He was in The Yeastie Boys and I was playing in Doggy Style. I always liked him. His ‘90’s ska influences and my 2-Tone influences, plus the punk stuff really works well together when we write.
The band was originally formed as The Step Ups with another female singer (Ash Rakes). They played for about six months and as they started getting a little buzz, Rakes exited the group.  
The band continued to rehearse at Vedder’s house in Huntington Beach. His stepdaughter Erin always had vocal ideas for the music they were playing. Vedder says, “She’s a great singer, so it made sense to have her step in. Her then boyfriend Joe was playing keyboards for us and helping us produce so the fit was good.”
They changed the name to The Step Daughters and added Timothy Calacsan on keys and Kevin Erney on drums. Of the new members. Vedder says, “He (Calacsan) plays well and Kevin, Tim and I are all part of the Long Beach vintage scooter scene and have known each other for some years now through music, scooters and Sunday Socials at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach.”

I had the pleasure of booking the band for their first show during Punk Rock Bowling two years ago. And damn, they have gotten better and better every damn time I’ve seen them.
They’ve been on The Voodoo Glow Skulls Tribute “Puro Desmadre,” and the most recent Skalloween compilation. They’ve released a couple of EPs on their own it has been nothing but bad ass tunes!

As for what the future holds, Vedder says, “The Stepdaughters are looking forward to people not getting sick and elections to be finalized. Until then, we will be writing new music, recording, and popping up in special places when it’s safe!
The band was supposed to play Viva Ska Vegas 2020, but with the COVID-related shut down they didn’t have that chance this go around.
Hopefully we can bring them back to Vegas when we’re able. I know I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves. Whatever they have planned for us, I know it’ll be bad-ass!



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