Ready to Go!

January 28, 2022 by Rachael Contreras

2020 was supposed to be the year for Minneapolis -based ska-punk band The Von Tramps to blow up. Then, the world went sideways and a few things had to be put on hold. For anyone who heard their music, we all knew it was only just a matter of time before the spotlight focused in on them.
For this band, instead of being stuck… they went upward and onward to help their fellow musicians and entertain us along the way.
The Von Tramps first landed on the national stage and airwaves with their hit 14B when it was added to the playlist at local Laguna Beach radio station TNN RADIO (KX FM), and on Rodney Bingenheimer’s SiriusXM’s Underground Garage.
Unlike some bands that have internal issues once success comes knocking, the core of the band remains intact and the same since day one. Aside being the best of friends, the trio of Jenna Enemy (vocals and guitar), Chelsea Oxborough (lead guitar), and Krissandra Anfinson (bass) continue to work cohesively and their connection is felt through their sonic vision and great sense of humor.

In the here and now, life and success has come full circle. The ska-punk queens from Minneapolis have a UK tour on the horizon and they are set to play in 2022 alongside genre juggernauts, the English Beat. Most importantly, now on SBÄM Records, they have a full-length album dropping this spring titled “GO.” We have a look at the video for the first single, “2AM.” 
With the previous hits like “Sarah,” “New Year’s Day,” “Your House,” “Checkerboard Chick” and “Beg Your Parton” (like Dolly Parton), you already know “2AM” is going to knock your frilly, knee-high socks off.
The video starts off with a nod to kooky ‘60s bands with the ladies on what looks like a giant mattress with full bedding floating in an indoor pool while they talk on corded phones. It’s a band pool party turned band slumber party with all the feels of heartbreak in a John Waters-esque video. The beautifully sung and catchy chorus of “can’t go back” should give you all the fuel you need to check out this upbeat, heartfelt, and danceable ballad of female empowerment.
The Von Tramps’ upcoming album is coming out on their newly-signed Austrian label, SBÄM Records. They explain their first release off the album: “2AM is a song about disconnecting from a repetitive pattern of falling in love with the wrong person. Focusing on the nature of the mantra ‘Nothing good happens after 2AM,’ the late phone call became a key piece of the songwriting and the video. Led singer and guitarist, Jenna Enemy says, ‘I remember we used to have a corded phone in our house and I miss how you could hang up a call by slamming it down on the base.”


The Future of Ska-Punk is Female
That feeling is something most kids today won’t understand, but this video plays through it well with their musical expression. You can even imagine the power of the handset slamming down on the receiver!
The Von Tramps are known to be an exceptional presence on their albums and onstage. Their music is creative, and like LEGO, kids 0-99 can enjoy them!
The Von Tramps are going on tour with The Dollyrots and will be dancing their way into fan’s hearts along the Midwest and UK starting this March. Expect big things from the Von Tramps because they are now officially on the Music Gods radar.


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