TOP 10 SKA-PUNK Albums of 2020

December 28, 2020 by Josh Coutts
2020 is in the bag, and despite all the challenges, it was a great years for music. The ska-punk genre took no prisoners.
Here are my picks for the Top 10 of 2020 in the world of ska-punk.
#10 Wank – “White Knuckle Ride” | It’s a bit of Punk, Ska, 90s power-pop and just good old fashion Rock N Roll that make up this absolutely fantastic album!
It’s a must to grab this album.
#9 CallShot – “Holes In The Desert” | This new album is punch in your face Punk Record! It’s absolutely fantastic and has killer hooks and lyrics.
I guarantee you’ll be singing in the pit next time you get a chance to see this band!
#8 California Celts – “Hillbilly Ska” | You may think to yourself Hillbilly Ska? Yes that’s what I said.
It’s… well, exactly what it sounds like. A bit of Hillbilly Rock with the sultry Ska Sounds that this band has done so damn well!
Yes it’s a bit different but damn its fantastic in every way. Give it a listen and be sure to pick it up!
#7 Goldfinger – “Never Look Back” | I was a little skeptical about a new Goldfinger album, then I was completely blown away!
The fact that they brought Charlie Paulson back for guitar definitely brought that older kick-ass Goldfinger punk and ska sound back!
This was also a must grab album for me, You may dig it too!
#6 Dr. Ring Ding – “The Remedy” | What can I say, I love this dude!
Dr Ring Ding brings back the old ska, dancehall, reggae back with this amazing album that’ll have you dancing your ass off!
#5 Less Than Jake – “Silver Linings” | The New Album just came out last week and damn it’s absolutely fantastic!
This is one of the damn reasons why I fell in love with Less Than Jake, they just keep dropping killer tunes!
They brought back the punk and ska sound that made them who they are today. Pick it up now!
#4 Bite Me Bambi – “Hurry Up And Wait” | Check out this new EP from this band, they just might be the BEST ska band to come out of the OC in some time.
I really think they are the ultimate ska supergroup and this new album is absolutely glorious!
Pick it up now and I’m sure it’ll have you dancing in the streets!
#3 The Bruce Lee Band – “Everything Will Be Alright My Friend” | This album is absolutely incredible! Fair warning, this was a 2020 re-release, but so good I had to add this to the list.
It has all the 3rd wave ska and punk hooks and dancing songs you’ve been waiting for.
Mike Park and the boys made another killer album! It is a must grab!
The photos will take your breathe away and make you think.
#2 Three Rounds – “Eight to Ten” | This band is such a fantastic band, if you haven’t heard of them look them up immediately!
They have taken what is awesome from 80s/90s Alternative/grunge mixed with 70s-90s Punk it absolutely rocks.
1 # The Suicide Machines – “Revolution Spring”
I was so damn excited to hear a new Album coming out from this band.
I gave it a listen and all I have to say is DAMN!
It’s definitely something I’ve been wanted this year! Pick it up and get a piece of the ska, hardcore and punk that made you excited the 1st time you’ve heard this killer band!


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