Lost at Sea

‘80s Beach Party

April 14, 2022 by Traci Turner
We are just over a month away from kicking off the summer with our favorite ‘80s artists. The second annual Lost at Sea ‘80s Beach Party invades Catalina Island Memorial Day weekend and OC Music News wants you to join us there!
Spread over three days, the festivities include performances by iconic ‘80s artists who are part of our happier times before we had to adult. Artists on tap for the weekend include Oingo Boingo Former Members, A Flock of Seagulls, English Beat, Missing Persons, Annabella’s Bow Wow Wow, Dramarama, Wally Palmar of the Romantics, Tommy Tutone, Stacey Q, Naked Eyes, Josie Cotton, The Untouchables, Shannon, Musical Youth, Kon Kan, and Burning Sensations.

Another memorable artist on the line-up is synth pop/new wave’s Trans-X, the group responsible for “Living on Video.” Ah yes… “Living on Video.” The worldwide hit played a big role in my life. In the early ‘90s as a KROQ-FM intern, anytime that song played, the phones lit up with: “Who is this? What is this song!?” It had an immediate reaction and remains a fantastic song.
We were able to check in with Trans-X front-man Pascal Languirand about the upcoming Catalina weekend and what’s ahead for Trans-X in 2022.

Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Pascal Languirand, who was already known for his ambient, cosmic, and space music, became one of the inventors of “a propulsive dance pop crossover style of music” dubbed Hi-NRG. Trans-X used that style to become world famous in 1986 with “Living on Video.” It topped dance and pop charts all over the place and introduced us to Languirand.
Originally done in French as “Vivre sur Vidéo,” “Living on Video” reached the top ten on the UK charts and appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It has also been covered by multiple artists over the years. Trans-X was not a one-trick pony; they had radio friendly tunes “Message on the Radio” and “3D‐Dance.”
But after the “Living on Video” album’s release in 1986, Languirand retired Trans-X. His love of music brought him back though, and he went ahead with a solo career and went into a more “new age” style. His ambient trance sound continued to evolve as he found residence in multiple countries.
Trans-X of now is Languirand and his wife, Luana Viana de Souza. Seriously, they have a cute story. Languirand became aware of a young woman who was dressing in the black apparel he did and had her hair dyed blonde and swept over like his trademark look. They met in person during a tour and fell in love. Luana has introduced him to various styles of music and inspired the latest creations of Languirand. She normally joins him on stage, but sadly, is stuck outside of the US due to visa and pandemic red tape.
In Catalina, Trans-X will of course have retro tracks, but we are excited to hear the new material as well. Languirand tells us he is definitely keeping busy. “We are working on a new live show with ‘Psy Energy’ music incorporating my synth with Luana’s electric guitar,” he explained. “We had very good feedback from this new live show. I was not expecting such an overwhelming reaction to this new style. I think this new project is the best thing I did since ‘Living on Video.’”
This will be Trans-X’s first appearance at the Catalina event since COVID blocked their international travel last year. You can also catch them on select dates of the Lost ‘80s Live 20th Anniversary Tour.  I was curious what he does to keep himself occupied on the road for these group tours and he told me he is happy to hang out with his friends and relax. “I love all the bands in the ‘80s events, especially A Flock of Seagulls and Wang Chung,” he confided.
Richard Blade will be on hand to host and DJ, plus new for this year, our favorite ‘80s movies will be shown throughout the weekend. The historical Avalon Theatre will show “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Valley Girl,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Pretty in Pink,” “Back to the Future,” and “Karate Kid” at no additional cost to concertgoers.

Tickets are on sale now for the May 27-29 event. In addition to regular tickets, VIP and cabana passes are available, but keep in mind, they sold out in 2021!
If you can’t get to Catalina, check out the Lost ‘80s Live 20th Anniversary Tour as it winds its way through California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Florida (plus more states and dates are still being announced!). The band line up varies, so check your event for specifics. The SoCal dates include Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay on August 27th and Greek Theatre on August 28th.
On the beach or on the land, get your ‘80s fix and enjoy live music from Trans-X and all the awesome ‘80s artists!




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