Kicking off the Spooky Season Right

Undercover Monsters Release New Single
September 18, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez

With the dangers and restrictions of covid still present, there’s a risk that Halloween may be celebrated at home with no trick-or-treating, no themed concerts or parties with a large crowd. Halloween as we know it may not be back for awhile.
In the midst of all the uncertainty there is a glimmer hope that comes in the form of Undercover Monsters.
Formed in 2012, the band calls Riverside home, but are fan favorite’s throughout SoCal.
The band found radio success with their hit “Ladi Dadi,” and now their new single “Camp Crystal Lake” is about to hit us when we needed this most.

We love Halloween, we revel in all things weird and not mainstream… so Halloween is right up our alley. We draw a lot of influence from SciFi / Horror so this season works perfectly for us.”

“Camp Crystal Lake” comes at us as summer gives way to fall and flannel blooms into our wardrobe. People are in the mood for something campy, silly spooky that’s not dripping in the ooze from the Covid Zombie. This song and its video falls into the category of silly and spooky.  


The band is electrifying live which fall sin lien with their sonic vision. The band features different degrees of appreciation for horror films. The band Admits that bassist Diabla Blanca (Emily) is the biggest horror fan in the band. It’s evident In her tattoos and  which include ”Evil Dead” and “They Live” also Diabla has “A bunch of collectibles.” When it comes to specific horror its “Anything old school“ Adds Diabla stating “especially anything Sam Rami or John Carpenter”. Guitarist DexieTRM sums up Undercover Monsters new release stating “We like to bring equal parts raw dance with spooky vibes


 In True Undercover Monster fashion the new single starts off loud and has a classic Southern California punk. The Chorus is best part of the song and those who listen will find themselves humming it throughout the day. The Song is brought completely together by a guitar solo that has a riff that would make icons like Mike Ness or Joe Strummer proud. 
Along with the The Camp Crystal Lake single the band has also released a video based on the Friday the 13th horror film. The Video was directed by Mondy Abdul who makes the campy fun video come to life with lighting and dance scenes that will keep you locked in as the viewer anticipates what will happen next.
Undercover Monster Singer “Big Papa Skrimpz (David) did the choreography for purposely cheesy and campy dance scenes . Drummer “Dr. Know” (aka, Sleeveless Steve) assumes that the possible elimination of TikkTok in the U.S.  Is why Skrimpz thought it could be possible. Skrimpz clarifies by saying “ we were really aiming for ‘Hots for the teacher’”. Skrimpz also reminds us that in 2010 he won a Radio Disney dance contest for the movie “Tron”.  Diabla Says the dance scenes were “just life” explaining further “Those moves just come out when the demons take over our bodies
 If you haven’t watched it yet go back and watch it now because in the rising action towards the climax of the video the band members get high and drunk before meeting the Camp Crystal Lake killer.
When asked which was more difficult, to die on Camera, or get high, Skrimpz and Dr. Know both say dying on camera is most difficult with Dr. Know Stating “None of has experience in dying” Skrimpz adding “Its always weird to be asked ‘OK, so how do you want to die?“ Diabla believes that getting high on camera was more difficult, except for DexieTRM .
Despite this being the only thing that Undercover Monsters has released and has no other songs or shows to share with us at the moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t look to the future to see more music from the 5-piece band of energetic loving people.
DexieTRM is quick to point out that “Monsters never Sleep”. Prior to Covid the band was set to write and record new music and like many things its just on hold. “We’ve been trying to adapt to Everything and I think we’ve finally figured it out” says Skrimpz. With preproduction nearing Dr. Know assures us that the band has made a conscientious effort to have new music by the end of the year. Diabla explains that they have “sweet jams in the works” and that gives us all further reason to make it through 2020. In true her mysterious style Guitarist “Smashly VonKittenstein” had no comment but pretty sure she wanted you to know that.
What the locals love most about this band is that they play great music, and they have a great sense of humor. They don’t take themselves too seriously and thus endears them to their fans. After all, here’s the band’s online message to the world “Lines have been drawn. Choose your sides wisely. Make enemies and ugly babies. All Chiefs, No Indians.”



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