November 18, 2020 by Rachael Contreras

In putting together our ongoing Rachael-O-Rama series, we come across some amazing bands. This time, we literally may have just interviewed the future of Rock. It’s a brother and sister duo from Malibu called Violet Saturn!

Sure, you’re probably thinking Billie and Finneas have a corner on that, or maybe Royal Blood was dubbed that, and as for duo’s there’s Twenty One Pilots. Yes, all great artists, but trust me on this, Violet Saturn will be huge.
I don’t know about you, my experience is that most brothers and sisters don’t get along with each other in their teen years, but then there are some that decide to start a rock band together. Violet Saturn is guitarist Spencer Carr Reed, age 18 (wowzer!), and singer Lauren Carr Reed (get ready for this) age 15 (double wowzer)!
I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some great rock stars in my ripe old age of the 40+ club, but these two were the most poised and well-spoken interviewees I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot.
Even when I complimented Lauren on her amazing pipes and asked how she was able to sing their cover of Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” in such a deep voice (not knowing it was actually Spencer that sang it when he was younger) they both were extremely polite and giggled (well done mom! That’s parenting done right!).
We had a great laugh about my flub once my embarrassment subsided.

The siblings knew from a very young age that music was their passion and it would be their life’s path.
Spencer told me that both he and Lauren had been writing songs and performing in talent shows since they were in grade school, so they were no stranger to being the center of attention. The support all these years from their mom and their friends remains the strength that binds them.

While most kids go through teen angst and don’t want to be talked to and want to float through a few years of being unnoticed and grumpy because they finally realize the world doesn’t actually revolve around them (trust me, I have teens), Spencer and Lauren put it all in their songwriting and performing.
Lauren even creates her own clothing – like literally creates it with a needle and thread – and Spencer plays multiple instruments since getting his start on strings with the violin! What a multi-talented family!
Lauren and Spencer grew up listening to classic rock, which you can immediately hear in the opening riffs of their single “Surprise.”


When we first heard “Young & Dumb” and “Say Goodbye” last February, all of us at KLOS knew we had stumbled upon something special.   Their music jumps out of the speakers, it’s aggressive, fun, and every teenager (and adult) in America can relate to Lauren’s lyrics.  We sense an avalanche of young rock bands is on the horizon and we are proud to waive the Violet Saturn flag – it’s been great watching things fall in place for them.” 

The thing about Spencer and Lauren, aside being way ahead of the teenage curve, their music is resonating with more than just their peers and circle of adult friends. So-much-so, it caught the ear of KLOS PD, Keith Cunningham. As a result, this band is getting noticed not just locally, but from coast-to-coast. 2021 may just include a global reach for Violet Saturn.
As a result of their love of all music styles, they’ve changed it up just a bit with their single, “Young & Dumb.”
“Young & Dumb” is not out just yet, and played exclusively on KLOS, but I can tell you it’s faster rock/party sound that is so fun it makes you listen. Once it’s out you’ll have it on repeat… it’s okay, no one will judge you. It’s a fabulous song and I *may* or *may not* have listened to it 3-4 times in a row when we got a promo link. Lauren and Spencer wanted something fun and upbeat and they hit the mark with this. Details on the full release will be on the band’s website.
The video for “Sweetest Life” has a very interesting backstory. In 2018, Violet Saturn was going to film this video at their cliffside home in Malibu, CA which has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. If you are familiar with Malibu news in 2018, you already know where I’m going with this.
On November 8, 2018, there was a wildfire that destroyed 96,949 acres including 650 homes. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, Camille Grammer and Shannen Doherty lost their homes along with, you guessed it, our beloved Spencer and Lauren. Leaving an actual pile of rubble where their house once stood left an opportunity.
Like all young aspiring legends, they chose to use this tragedy as something useful; the backdrop of their music video. The beautiful blue ocean paired with a black, charred frame that used to be their home created the perfect ironic scenery for “Sweetest Life.”

Violet Saturn has a well-deserved record deal in the works and after that, we can expect a full-length album. Their next single “Say Goodbye” is just about ready to go to the masses, no release date has been set just yet, but look out for that.
Motivation with purpose along with a kick-ass sound is what makes this band different. I can’t wait to see where music takes these amazing young people and what they have to share with the world through their music.





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