November 15, 2021 by Kevin Gomez

Voodoo Glow Skulls (VGS) are having a pretty momentous 2021.  In May, they released “Livin’ the Apocalypse” on Dr. Strange Records.  Their 1th studio album (not counting 1996’s “Firme,” which was a re-recording of the album of the same name but entirely in Spanish) would be their first in nearly a decade.  This was also the first album to feature Efrem Schulz, also of Death by Stereo, on lead vocals. 
The Riverside band was founded in 1998 by the Casillas Brothers: Eddie on guitar, Jorge on bass, and Frank on vocals, before Frank’s departure in 2017. Their catalog is filled with what are now classics. Favorites include “Shoot the Moon,” “Charlie Brown,” and their mega-hit, “Insubordination.
Schulz was announced as new lead vocalist shortly thereafter. What a ride the last three years have been!
Efrem S - Puff Talent

Since dropping their album earlier this year, VGS played the one-day Punk in the Park festival in Denver.  They were not slated to play the two-day California festival, however, when Pulley was forced to cancel the day before Punk in the Park, promoters were desperate to find a last minute replacement.  Concertgoers were pleasantly surprised that the slot was filled by none other than Southern California’s own, Voodoo Glow Skulls, who proceeded to shred for 30 solid minutes.

Horton’s Hayride 2021

The Reverend Horton Heat featuring Voodoo Glow Skulls

The Riverside band was also recently added to Reverend Horton Heat’s Horton’s Holiday Hay Ride lineup that will begin kicking off after Thanksgiving and continues through the end of the year.  Before the holidays, though Voodoo will get a chance to warm up for the tour with back-to-back shows in the OC and L.A.. 

Sunday, November 21st will see VGS playing the Regent in Downtown L.A. for an all-ages Latin ska show.  Voodoo Glow Skulls will fit right in with Latin-infused skacore headliners, 8KALACAS.  The Orange County band, first started in 2003, brings a heavy, fast-paced brand of ska with themes of la revolución.  Also slated on the bill is ¡Tijuana No!, who will be celebrating their 32 year anniversary.  The punk ska band hailing from Tijuana, Mexico will be playing punk ska fueled by political undertones.  Fresh off their performance at Punk in the Park, Los Angeles’ own La Pobreska will also be playing.  Their amazing performance on the Monster Stage Sunday caught a lot of people’s attention and won over several new fans, including yours truly.  Rounding out the lineup will be La Muerte, Happy Drunk Cartel and Auxiliö.
Get you tickets now to any of their upcoming shows. You will have the time of your life!


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