SKAROUND THE WORLD with Josh Coutts # 12

Warsaw Poland Bros.

September 11, 2020

In our ongoing series titled SKAROUND the WORLD, in this segment we give you Arizona’s #1 sons of Ska, Warsaw Poland Bros.  
2020 was supposed to be the Summer of Ska, as we know , it turned into the summer of bummer for live events. Like all the great bands of 2020, the Warsaw boys are being heard through the magic that is the internet.

This band has been on my radar since 1996, but they’ve actually been spreading the love of ska music since 1991! It’s amazing to know they’ve been killing it on the underground scene for so damn long. Ska fans worldwide know their name and their music.
Chris and Aaron Poland started the band back in the ‘90s, so this band has rocked for nearly 30 years. Considering most bands don’t make it to two years, it’s impressive they have continued to rock for so long.
Warsaw Poland Bros. has more than 7,000 shows under their belts, which is another incredible feat for any band. The band’s debut album “Battle Ska Galactica” has sold more than 100,000 copies – another milestone for this amazing live powerhouse of a band.


A great band will turn strangers into friends because of their love of music.”

Warsaw Poland Bros. are one of the coolest live bands I’ve ever seen on stage, and I have had the pleasure of knowing and hanging out with them for some time now. You may know them under their another name, California Celts.
They are the same band, but they write Celtic-style ska under that name and play Ren Fairs and Celtic festivals. Every version of their band throws a damn killer show!

The origin story of all great bands seem to have some form of myth and reality. Here’s the collective truth about Warsaw Poland Bros…. YES, they performed on the “Extreme Gong” show in 1998 and played their jam “Rude Girl.”
This comical song and tight performance has been preserved on YouTube and is one for the masses. In the years between 2005-2010 the band paired with Jagermeister and did national tours and direct support with Pennywise, Pepper, and Slightly Stoopid.

As the Music Fates would have it, The Poland Bros. find themselves in a cool resurgence of the fourth wave of ska. With newer bands blowing up and ska festivals popping back up, these founders of third wave ska are deserving of attention.
They are genuinely fun to watch live, and they connect with their fans and anyone who sees them for the first time.


What the takeaway from Skaround the World # 12? We need to give this amazing band some love and go back and revisit everything they’ve accomplished over the past 25+ years.
Personally, I can’t wait to get back to live music and see this band blow up the stage again!