Zebrahead “III”

November 23, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
You’ve seen our recent articles about Zebrahead’s new lead singer, Adrian Estrella, and their new singles that are periodically being released. Now we get to tell you the most exciting news yet; Zebrahead has a brand new five-song EP coming out this Friday (November 26th) and it will be the next big thing!
Titled “III,” the EP will show you a more expressive side of Zebrahead than we’ve seen in recent years. Their catalogue of work is all unique and experimental in its own way, but “III” will hit your emotions more than ever before. Diving deep in overcoming struggle and being there for each other in times of hardship is the main focus of these five songs, and trigger warning, it will hit you in the feels in all the right ways. Even Dr. Hannibal Lecter would feel positive and empowered after listening to this EP and immediately hit the replay button.

We were lucky enough to speak with newly-crowned Zebrahead co-lead vocalist, Adrian Estrella, about this EP and how it’s been for him as the latest member of this amazing band.
It is understandable that fans were trepidatious about a new member of their adored band, and Estrella tells us people didn’t hold back after the first single off the EP, “Lay Me to Rest,” was released. He read negative comments on social media about his addition and he would reach out to those commenters, asking their opinion; taking the bull by the horns and flat out saying, “I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy that song. Hopefully one of the songs we have coming out you will enjoy more!”
Estrella says that he never focuses on the negative because there is so much positive. “Everyone has an opinion. I think the biggest thing is that for fans, this will take time to get used to. If people can get to know me on a personal level, that might help change things,” he explained. “Maybe once they see the band live or hear me sing the older stuff, they’ll change their opinion. I read every comment on social media I can. I’m paying attention. Some of it has to do with research like, ‘what could I, as a singer do better?’”
Estrella continued, “This is a new era of Zebrahead. I don’t think the band sounds exactly the same. This is a new chapter. I have been a Zebrahead fan for many years and I’m not trying to sway too far from the path because Zebrahead as a band is so talented. It’s so unique having Ali as a rapper in the band, and he’s an incredible lyricist.”

While Estrella may be new to Zebrahead, he is no newbie when it comes to doing his research. Before their short tour in the UK, playing for the first time together on stage, Estrella said he watched every live video he could on the band so he knew their movements or choreography on stage to each song and could slip himself right into the on-stage rhythm. The video for their second release off “III,” “A Long Way Down,” was recorded during live sets on this UK tour, and proves his research paid off because the band killed it with their best performances yet.
Estrella knows how important music is to people and its impact. “I’m a very big mental health advocate,” he explained. “If you’re going through something, we hope one of our songs can help you get through it, but if not, reach out to someone. Let’s take care of each other because it’s so important. That’s the biggest message from this new Zebrahead EP. Life right now is tough, but things get better and we are moving forward together.”
Their song “Out of Time” focuses on feeling on the edge of life and not having enough time. It has a strong Linkin Park feel with Estrella’s melodic sing/scream and Ali Tabatabaee’s rapping, sung over ear-catching electronic sequences. “Russian Roulette is For Lovers?” has Estrella in a deep scream with the line “False God” to heavy guitar riffs from lead guitarist and mustache-growing extraordinaire, Dan Palmer. The song then slides right into a bouncy beat with co-singer, Tabatabaee rapping over Palmer’s guitar riffs that resemble a catchy ska tune and somehow, they make it all work seamlessly.
Guitarist Palmer told us, “Chapter III has been an exciting time so far. We’ve been expanding our sound and keeping the creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to hit the road and play these jams live!”
If we had to sum up “III” in three words: Expansive. Versatile. Talented. This new chapter of Zebrahead is going to be huge for the band. They have always had a great sound, but they are on the cusp of something big and “III” is just the beginning for them.
Alongside the EP, a fresh batch of matching merch will be released with fascinating art work that will blow your pink and yellow zebra striped mind, so be sure to grab yours early before they sell out.
Zebrahead will be blowing up a stage near you with Ali Tabatabaee with co-lead vocals, Adrian Estrella (co-lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Dan Palmer (backing vocals/lead guitar), Ben Osmundson (backing vocals/bass), and Ed Udhus (drums). The band is electricity personified. If you do anything this holiday, pick up their music or check them out when they come to your neck of the woods. It will be a gift to yourself.


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