June 28, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
Orange County rock band, Zebrahead made headlines in April when it was announced that co-front-man Matty Lewis left the band to persue a career in country music. This left an opening in Zebrahead’s roster for a new co-singer and rhythm guitarist.
The ZH guys put their musical brains together to think of who would be a great fit for their high-velocity and omni-electric stage show. Last night, we all got the answer!
Via social media, Zebrahead announced that their new member will be Adrian Estrella, from the bands Assuming We Survive and Mest.  Their announcement is as follows:
“Hello Friends!  So excited for this news we are going to tell u early……Please welcome our good friend Adrian Estrella to the MFZB Family.  First single July 30th!  Let’s GO!!!!  TIME TO PARTY!!!”
Not only was the announcement made on Estrella’s birthday, but according to Zebrahead’s live Instagram video last night, Estrella can speak a multitude of languages. The band members already have inside jokes, including gifting him a new pair of Vans and affectionately calling him Adrian Lavigne.
We were able to snag an exclusive interview with Zebrahead guitarist and mustache growing extraordinaire, Dan Palmer, to get the backstory on this news. He told us, “Matty our old singer, left the band because he just wasn’t into our style of music anymore. He was unhappy and chose a different path.  I’ve known Adrian for years! I used to bartend at a bar called Friar Tucks in Pomona and I’d watch him play there. I thought he had a great voice and he was such a nice person to everyone. He’s a hard worker and he always hustled. I thought for years that if we ever had problems with Matty wanting to leave, then he’d be the perfect guy to replace him. It worked out and here we are with him! “Apparently Palmer asked Estrella to be in the band while enjoying a few cocktails at Hooter’s.
When asked about the future of Zebrahead, Palmer was excited to tell us “Writing with Adrian has been great! We have good musical chemistry and he’s willing to keep working at things until we have written the best song we can we write. We’re really excited to release new music! We’re very proud of it!”
Dan was excited to also mention, “We are going to release new music soon and we have Slam Dunk Festival in England booked in September! We also have a few festivals next year booked in Europe! We’re looking forward to hitting the road!”
Adrian, welcome to the Zebrahead family. We can’t wait to see you route for the alien to stagedive onto a giant inflatable watermelon with co-singer Ali Tabatabaee!


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